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Where to jump through the ignite ring of Salty Springs in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

For one of the weekly challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 week 5, you will have to drive a vehicle through a burning ring in Salty Springs. Salty Springs is west of authority and is usually a relatively popular place.

The floating ring is at the top of a wooden ramp located south of the city, while you head to Weeping Woods. The challenge indicates a vehicle , so we assume that you can launch a boat, a car or a choppa through the ignite ring and the challenge will be over.

Frankly, the most troublesome part of this challenge is that Salty Springs has a very low reappearance rate for cars, and you prefer to find a truck here that else. A truck will have trouble accelerating any type of speed to cross the ring, so it can be better to take care of another POI nearby such as Holly Hedges, then to go to Salty Springs to take up the challenge.

Keep an eye on other players, because Salty Springs is always a hot murder and chaos, although it’s a fairly small place.

You can find the rest of Fortnite Chapter 2 Challenges 4 weeks 5 below:

Fortnite How to spoil the Topo sabotage attempt

It is almost the end of season 7 of Fortnite chapter 2, but before immersing us in a completely new season, there is a final set of weekly challenges that players must complete. After warning the characters of an imminent disaster, place warning signs and cut the power to the radar antennas, you will need spoil the Topo’s sabotage attempt in Fortnite . But how do you do this? Well, here you have everything you need to know to win those precious 30,000 xp.

Springing the Topo Sabotage attempt at Fortnite

To spoil the attempt of sabotage, you must first go to the Corny Complex, or what remains of it. Specifically, you want to land south of the large part that floats in the air. We have marked the specific location with a red circle on the map below:

Here you should find a device lying on the floor. All you have to do is interact with him by pressing X / Y / E / O Square and you will ruin the Topo Sabotage attempt at Fortnite.

At the time of writing this article, the device with which you must interact is not yet in the game, since the challenges have not yet been loaded. However, if you visit the location shown on the map above, you should not have problems to detect it when you complete this challenge on the Legendary Missions line of week 14.

With that resolved, now it depends on us finally face the mole that filtered valuable information from I / O to invasive alien forces. If you are looking for a helpful hand with this, be sure to consult our guide here.

Remember that the Fortnite season 7 event will be held on September 12 at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. BST

That’s all you need to know How to spoil the sabotage attempt of a Topo in Fortnite For the challenge of week 14. To get more tips and tricks, go to our Wiki guide in constant expansion or consult more information about The game below.

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